Digital Posters

squareVIEW Digital Posters are a quick, convenient and easy way to display information such as adverts, welcome messages & employee communications made up of video, pictures, scrolling text and even MP3 audio. squareVIEW Digital Posters are used when content doesn’t need to be updated remotely or network infrastructure is not available.

Digital Posters

Landscape, Portrait & freestanding Digital Posters get your message across

Our standalone Digital Posters are commercial grade High Definition LCD displays. They are stylish to look at, quick to deploy and affordable, yet the powerful built-in full HD media player is designed to display high quality content that can be scheduled or looped. All our Digital Posters are available with 6 point multi touch capability giving the user the ability to interact with your content to zoom in an out as well as perform many other touch gestures; much like you would with a smart-phone.

Available in sizes ranging from 19″ to 82″ wall or stand mountable in portrait or landscape orientation there will be a product to suit your requirements.

Simple to update

Updating our Digital Posters using a USB memory stick is designed to be quick and easy. Load your content onto a blank memory stick, insert it into the secure USB port on the display, when the content is copied onto the internal memory you’re prompted to remove the USB and that’s it – you’re done.

If you require a more remote solution we can provide our Digital Posters with a cloud update service.

Why use squareVIEW Digital Posters


  • Replace traditional static posters and signs
  • Modern clean appearance which demands attention
  • Update pictures, video and audio using a USB stick
  • Competitively priced =  quick ROI
  • Easy to use, just turn it on and off it goes.
  • Display pictures, video, scrolling tickers in a loop
  • Edge to Edge toughened glass front with no plastic bezel
  • Schedule auto on/off based around your business hours

We have vast experience with Digital Posters with hundreds of clients including Channel 5, the USAF, Manchester City Football Club, Isle of Man ferries, Kia OVAL, Cafe Rouge to name a few.

Digital Posters make a big difference to your message. Contact us today 01422 553166